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[16 Jan 2006|03:44pm]
i decided to make a new journal (that i will actually update from time to time) since i'm at a new school and a new point in my life, it's time for a new journal.

The user name is the same as my sn, backseatbl0nde

if you want to read it add me as a friend
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seemed like fun [06 Dec 2005|12:33am]
Open iTunes/iPod or Windows Media Player to answer the following. Go to your library. Answer, no matter how embarrasing it is.

How many songs: 881
Sort by song title:
First Song: 2:45 AM Elliot Smith
Last Song:Zilla Keller Williams

Sort by time:
Shortest Song: Stop -Pink Floyd (:30)
Longest Song: Turn on Your Lovelight-Grateful Dead

Sort by album:
First Song: Baby One More Time -britney Spears lol
Last Song: Bottle up and Explode- elliot smith

Top Five Most Played Songs:
1. wish you were here-pink floyd (this was on it like 3 times so i picked the first 5 that were diff)
2. True-Ryan Cabrera
3. colorblind-Counting Crows
4. 2:45 AM Elliot Smith
5. comfortably Numb- Pink Floyd

First song that comes up on Shuffle: Black Dog- Led Zeppelin

"Sex", how many songs come up? 2
"Death", how many songs come up? 0
"Love", how many songs come up? 22
"You", how many songs come up? 50
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[05 Sep 2005|08:40pm]
omg i'm sitting in my room crying with the fireworks going on outside and all my friends are out watching them but i didn't have time b/c i worked for 7 hours. my brother just tried to yell at ME for some bullshit and i'm like ugh hello you had fucking 15 ppl here all night last night keeping ME up and i threatened to call the cops on him. My boyfriend studies ALL THE TIME and keeps his phone on silent so the one person i have to talk to about all this shit is never there for me. what the fuck is going on?
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[10 Jun 2005|11:19pm]
so..after applying at like 3 million places something finally came through and i have a job...

at victorias secret in menlo...sexy lingerie here i come
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[06 May 2005|02:22pm]
wow everything is so not okay right now...

lets just hope i can make it through my interview at bloomingdales today and then i'll figure things out from there...
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[11 Apr 2005|02:50pm]
omggg tell me why nothing seems to satisfy me?

i go home on the weekends to see me boy but he studies ALL the time...which is good for him i guess b/c his LSATs do determine the rest of his life and all but it's like he only sees me when its convenient for him then i come back here and hear about all the fun shit they do and i'm like "damn i'm really missing out" until i realize that if i were here i'd wish i was with john the whole time and not have a good time...

its a vicious cycle
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[20 Feb 2005|07:52pm]
there are those rare times in wendy's life where she feels the events prior are worthy of a livejournal entry...this, my friends, is certainly one of those times

soooo i came home on thursday night...early for me, yes, but i didn't want to go out in the city plus my parents had a new phone for me since i broke mine and i wanted a phone asap.sooo that night i go to laur's dorm, smoke a little, then go to college ave, down a fat sandwich, go back to livingston, smoke my self fucking retarded...then go over to john's right after, not a great idea. i basically had to stay up till 4 am just talking to him to convince him i wasn't all cracked out lol even though i was but i feel like we bonded haha

so friday i got up to go work...came home, showered and the like. then got ready to go out. we went to phi delt first where i sweet talked people in to giving me beads...laughed in some guys face when he told me that i had to go home with him to get beads lol. then me and jessie ran outa there and went to pike, leaving everyone behind lol. hung around there for like 15 minutes talkin to people. i've decided that i practcially live at pike...i was all "i need to use the bathroom" and the other jon goes "you know where it is, you're here enough" and i realized he was right lol. Ummm so then we went next door to AKL..i went to get a beer and they told me there were no cups left so i turnt around looking all sad then like 2 minutes later the asian behind the bar grabbed my arm and handed me a beer lol. Mexican jon was like "yeaa i saw that special treatment" lol oh yea i forgot to mention how i made the brothers at phi del get me beer instead of waiting on line for it lol. But then i realized that john was no where to be found...so steve walked me back to pike and i went upstairs and we watched saw...ok that was a lie we did other things haha

i had to get up all early to go babysit...then i went home, napped, showered, went and got laur, came back to SP, got some taco bell, threw marie a little shindig, left there at like 11:45 b/c i had plans with john, went to pike, watched some chappelle, went to delta chi, danced on some poles, john and i were peramently attached at the mouth haha. then the cops came, some scary shit...although apparently tall paul was not scared:
Tall Paul: "I'm just gonna finish this beer!!!!"
John: "paul shut up and put down the beer"
Tall Paul: "Nahhhh!!!"
Some random girl: "Shut the hell up!"

then upstairs
Tall Paul: "Hello officer, i'm gonna go roll a blunt! I've got 8 lawyers in my family i ain't getting arrested! I been charged 9 times and convincted...never!"

Oh yea at delta chi i ran into some guy in a sloppy drunk accident lol...and i was like "sorry" and he was like "where's john?" like woaaahh way to know who i am lol. Then he said he had johns mail...lol (???) Then we went to tall pauls where mail guy lives lol, john and i basically just raped each other while everyone watched...then he was showing me the basement and tall paul shut the lights off...and we had "the talk" oh yes...you know...that talk.

went back to pike, john climbed in a window so jess and laur had somewhere to sleep lol, john and i did what we do best haha... didn't go to bed till like 5...had another one of those "talks" lol

left this morning...probably going back to pike tonight after he has his meeting...i fucking own that frat lol. Mardi gras there next saturday...you know i'm leaving there with 2823030 beads haha.

ps john is def my boyfriend now lol
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[03 Feb 2005|04:17pm]
ok so i just finished my first week of classes- lets run through them

Macro- i feel like this class will be relatively easy. no big projects, just reading and tests and i'm pretty good when it comes to understanding this kind of information.

Fashion business Practices- We overlap alot of the informationin this class that we cover in macro, so again i think it'll be fairly easy. I have a business oriented mind lol...so i don't mind this class.

Publicity Workshop- This class is all about PR and the whole semester is spent working on putting together a folder full of info on a company that you would want to do PR for. I feel like it'll be a challenge. It's also a night class and the people in it were going WAY off topic and keeping us there way later than we should've been so it was really pissing me off.

Merchandise Planning and Control- This class is a math class, i didn't know that before i went there so it was a pleasant surprise. Math comes naturally to me and i've taken AP calc so it'll be a breeze...i was actually teaching people the first day lol

Retail Buying: Principles and techniques- this will probably be my most involved class. We have a project that we work on all semester where we pick one story and learn it inside and out. We have to figure out the targer customers and their demographics and psychographics, take note of how the floor layouts change over the weeks, actually make a graph of the floorplan, describe every single mundane detail in the store...its gonna be really tough.

Yoga: Today in yoga we took naps lol...she will basically spoon feed us everything we need to know.An easy A

History of New York Architecture: I've never been so excited for a class before in my life lol. I know that sounds dorky but it's challenging, its my honors class so it's actually up to my speed, and extremely informative and interesting. I love architecture and new york and it's history so today when we went over some historical facts about the city i was enthralled. Plus the prof is awesome. all of my proffessors are pretty cool this semester actually

So that was my week lol...we're going out to NA tonight and josh is gonna try and rape me lol..then i'm going home tommorow b/c i'm hanging out with John tommorow night..alone in his room at the frat house lol. Then saturday all these frats are having parties incuding pike...so of course i'll be there lol.

I'm in such a great mood today...i don't know what it is...but life is just awesome today hehe
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[31 Jan 2005|01:27am]

last night = so so much fun

so i know laur update but...considering i was not with her for practically the entire night lol i feel the need to update as well

we go to the frat, go up and see john...he looked so cute btw lol, had some drinks...hung out...then went down to the party.

at this point the girls were smoking so i was liek "well john you're stuck with me...i know it'll be torture for you" and he was like "no it definitely won't be" oooooh ok so we go dj. thats right bitches i was runnin the music at the frat party haha every time i picked a good song he would get all excited and hug me. and he kept calling me cutie and telling me that i looked good lol.

it was magical man, every time i ran out of beer he would just turn his little head and another one would appear. he didn't even have to leave! oh and all these girls kept coming over and giving him hugs and i'm not gonna lie i was a little jealous lol, so i said "well you know a lot of girls there john..." and he was like "'i'm only interested in one girl" phew...that was a close one. soo then laur comes over and we dance andi go back and i flirt and then she comes over and gave her a kiss on the cheek and john is all "well i'm jealous, i want a kiss" well if you insist....

soooo eventually teh party is dying down, john and i go up to his room to get a hat but never went back down and then all the girls come up. john and i pimp off my friends and he calls a few of his friends up there including will who had a zit on his forehead and wouldn't let me wear his hat but was carrying around laur...i think he just knew the way in to her pants was through me so he was nice lol damn frat guys

but yea laur and jess leave...and me and jessie stay lol....john and i are on his bed hangin out and talking....we always have really good drunk conversations lol. he was all like "do you want a boyfriend?" and ish and telling me how he could "just kiss me all night long" and that he wanted "to tak me out" and when i asked where he was like "anywhere" lol.

so then things got awkward and i put on johns clothes b/c clearly i was sleeping over lol and the two of us started walking around the frat house at 4 am...then we went back and went to bed on his extrememly uncomfortable bed lol. we cuddled..haha...for anyone who knows me...i just don't cuddle lol. it was a big step for me.

ok so this morning was...more cuddling lol...then jessie and i went back. john texted me later today and was like "i had a great time hopefully i'll see you next weekend" wooohooo i think i have a boy lol

ok so btw he's 21 and his bday is june 25...i found that out lol and hes gonna go to law school...wow he's so old lol

ok i should go back to bed...i was asleep from 9 till 1 lol
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OmG It's MEeee and my BfF [26 Jan 2005|06:35pm]
title or description

title or descriptions
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[25 Jan 2005|01:59am]

i thought i wasn't excited to go back to school

but i am

the fun times are over i'm sick of this place and everything about it and i can't wait to be in new york with my girls

thursday can't come soon enough
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[22 Jan 2005|01:21pm]
ok so i know this is going to sound cheesy but, have you ever really felt like things happen for a reason?

when we went out thursday i met this kid john, but we wouldn't have met him if andrew weren't there and i had decided that he was a hopeless cause and i started following eyebrow ring guy. When we were standing upstair is when john started talking to me and it turns out he was the nicest guy at a frat party ever lol. Ok so he tells me that his frat is having a party the next night and that we should go.

Skip to next night...we go to AKL first, then decide to go to pike...john's frat. we get there, and for some reason, unlike any other time, it isnt mobbed and i spot him right away with the music. He spotted me and he walks over and gave me a hug lol. However...then the fire alarm goes off and they clear everyone out before i had a chance to work my magic and give him my number.

We went to...i wanna say Sig Ep next...the mansion lol. I was so sad tho, i was all "i have to go bang on the doors and get someone to get him for me so i can give him my number" and everyone was like "they're not going to answer the door the party's over." so id id my pouty face and laur says "ok dance to this song, and then they (they being jess and missy) will go back to AKL and i'll come with you to pike so we can find him." so i extaticly say yes and begin dancing lol.

so we leave, and luckily there was a brother from pike outside of it on the phone. He says bye and hangs up and i was just like "hey, come here!" and he was all "we're not having a party" so i was like "i know just come here for a second." So he comes over and i was like "listen, i met one of your brothers at a party last night and i saw him here but the fire alarm went off before i had a chance to give him my number. his name is john and he's a senior can you help me out?" and he just smiles and goes "sure i'll get him" That just seemed was too easy lol. So i was facing the street and i see laur's face and her eyes get all wide and she's like "omg he's coming, omg there he is he's coming out" so he comes over gets this big smile and is like "heyyy!! you guys can come in" and gives me a hug lol. So we go in and he says to the guy "yea it's alright if they come in it's my friend wendy" So when we get in he gets us a drink and we go up to his room, which by the way is on the top floor and is huge because apparently he was the president of the frat at some point lol. Then he calls up will, who laur is in love with, finds out where he is and we go to this other party. before we go he takes us out on the flat rooftop and shows us the view, awh. Then we go and him and i hang out alone at the party lol. and i made sure to give him my number haha

he said to laur "you definitely have to bring her around alot"

lol i'm telling you...it was fate
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[21 Jan 2005|02:48pm]
hahaha last night=craziness

well here are a few of the highlights (i'm hoping laur will do a full out entry on it)

taking 2 1/2 hours to get ready for a frat

the weird frat guys who locked me and laur in their bedroom and expected us to take our shirts off for alcohol lol (i didn't fyi and got some grey goose out of it anyway haha)

probably the only nice guy i will ever meet at a frat, john

putting 10 girls in my little escort to drive to another frat while we're all drunk...10!!!! it's the little escort that could

walking into the next frat and hearing "does anyone have a dutch???" and me and laur volunteering to go buy one....skip to us banging on the grease trucks after they had just closed after we parked my car illegaly in a frats drive way
Me:"can i get a dutch?"
Little mexican man in the grease truck:"the cops are right there shining their spotlight"
Me: "I'm 18...you can't sell me a cigar" ::pats self on back for that one::
LMMIGT: ::hands me dutch::
Me: ::hands him dollar bill::
LMMIGT: "it's $1.25..but it's ok you give me 25 cents tommorow"
Me and Laur: "Ok thanks!!" ::run as fast as we can back to my car;:

wowowow got sooooo high lol...we smoked that blunt till there was nothin left to smoke...we were just hoping that everyone was so drunk they wouldn't notice us taking all those hits haha

me and laur run back to my car...proceed to dance furiously..lauren hits her head on the window haha it was just like "Bam!!" and she just says "it didn't hurt...i didn't even feel it!"

i put on some beatles to calm us down on the drive home b/c i can't stand all the girls talking to much lol

get back to the dorms and go to visit kinny and andrew..get closer and see that their door is open and the light is on...there's hope yet. Except they were both passed out! hahaha funniest thing i've ever seen in my life!

we go back upstairs after bothering andrew and proceed to eat every item of food that jessie has lol

then we pass out to the "high" playlist
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[19 Jan 2005|03:38am]
awh yay for tonight


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[17 Jan 2005|11:38am]
ugh last night was terrrrrrible

first...we smoke like 4 bowls....just me laur and eva...then we had to drop eva off at mikes. so we're like "well we've got one more bowl left lets find someone to smoke it with us" so we call sean but he isn't going out tonight. so we're just driving and we figure we'll call conrad and he'll def come outside and smoke so we just head over to his house.....no answer on his phone. so while we're parked there we figure we'll just smoke since we're already not driving. theni realize...holy shit i just drank a 32 oz snapple and i have to pee so bad i can't even move. so we text conrad and beg for me to use his bathroom b/c i'm about to explode. yea apparently this makes us look like crazy people! well at least thats what he thought...so i go inside...his mom was still awake...that was weird. then he comes ouside and is like "where's the weed?" and we're like "oh we smoked it while we were waiting for you.....um....but we're....getting more" even tho we were fucking retarted in order to once again not look like crazy people we had to buy more! so we have to drive over to fucking rutgers to get it! and of course...then changed 18 all around.,..and i see where i'm suposed to turn right to get on it but i miss it and say "i think i was supposed to turn right there" and laur and conrad are all "no u can go straight" end up in bush....not getting to college av e through there! so we turn around they're all "no it was back there the entrance" we go back and it ends up being where i had said "i think i was suposed to turn there" ugh!!!

so we get to college ave after like an hour....theres no where to park so we make conrad walk. get it...then get back on 18. now laur is like "no 18 ends at metlars you don't have to exit" so i'm liek "um are you sure because that sign says metlars lane" and it turns sout we DID have to get off...ugh....so then we're stuck on 18 and end up by piscataway high school. jesus...so finally conrad directs us back to centennial ave...we go sit in front of laurs...smoke another 3 bowls....which is a total of 8 for me and laur in one night...we basically smoked oursleves into oblvivion. i was so angry....it was terrible.

ugh....NEVER doing that again
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lol i'm bored [16 Jan 2005|02:45am]

You are a Slutcom 3, and are on the prowl. A hook-up each weekend isn't unusual; the distance a hook-up will go is high. Your friends talk about you behind your back, and even you're shocked you haven't broken your bed yet. You for some reason are semi-proud of your track record. After all, not many can claim they've gotten as much tail as you.

Take the slutcom litmus test!

The slutcom litmus test originated in A Word of Advice.

and drunk/high lol
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[14 Jan 2005|11:03am]
yayayay for the penn state hockey team staying in our hotel :)
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interesting how i got the same amounts for prep and stoner...i feel that describes me completely lol [13 Jan 2005|10:43pm]
You scored as Stoner.












Ghetto gangsta


Drama nerd




What's Your High School Stereotype?
created with QuizFarm.com
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[09 Jan 2005|09:22pm]
wow so i am def in disneyquest right now sitting in a huge chair eating cheesecake factory cheesecake

its so hard to type on this lol

ummm went to mgm, univeral, and going to magic kingdm tommorow

theres a surf convention going on lol...we hung out with hamster twin last night and a bunch of other guys who work for oakley..gave us some crazypot...it was nuts

ok it hurts to typeand i wanna eat..cya
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[04 Jan 2005|02:09am]
so um wow...

i think i may have the magic journal...i type things that used to happen and they begin to happen all over again.

for example...i have seen every 2004 guy that i mentioned in my new years entry since i've been home.

also...i am psychic.

i was driving in the car with lauren...she said that she predicted debauchery for the night..i said that i was predicting that we would see someone we haven't seen in a while. sure enough...at her house i hear "beep beep" come from my purse...and a guy's voice.

"so i hear that you're home..."

only one person beep beeps me saying that...

alas....both of our predictions came true.

we need to get us a 1-800 psychic hotline and shit laur....we could make millions...

so i'm rambling

end of entry
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